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Patient Satisfaction Report

Morton General Hospital is proud of the quality of care we provide and want you, our patient or potential patient, to know how we rate in comparison to other hospitals in this region. Inpatients across the nation are asked the identical questions on a variety of aspects of their hospital stay. We share those numbers with you to provide you with insight on the outstanding, personal and compassionate care we provide.

Patients' Hospital Rating of 9 or 10 (zero being the lowest)
Morton General Hospital 78%
Centralia Providence 69%
St. Peter Hospital (Olympia) 75%
Good Samaritan (Puyallup) 64%
St. Joseph's (Tacoma) 64%
Tacoma General 66%
St. John (Longview) 63%
Patients Who Stated They Would Recommend the Hospital
Morton General Hospital 75%
Centralia Providence 65%
St. Peter Hospital (Olympia) 79%
Good Samaritan (Puyallup) 67%
St. Joseph's (Tacoma) 70%
Tacoma General 69%
St. John (Longview) 55%